• GED® testing fees

    Payments should be made online after you create an account with GED® testing services and register. You can pay for each test individually when you schedule your test or pay for all four tests at once (Individual testing centers fees may vary).

    Each test costs $30. The total costs for all four tests is $120.

    Payment forms

    GED® Testing Service accepts debit, credit, or gift card payments. Receipts for payment are emailed to the purchaser.


    Minnesota GED test takers will be able to take $10 off their first GED test in each subject while funding lasts. The state of Minnesota will pay $10 for a tester’s first GED test in each subject using the promo code MNGED10.  The tester will be responsible to pay the remaining $20 per test.

    This promo code can be used when scheduling tests until the funding runs out.  Please note that this subsidy will apply for testers that:

    • Select “Minnesota” as their testing location in ged.com;
    • Live in Minnesota;
    • Schedule testing at any non-corrections testing centers in Minnesota and in approved test centers in border communities as requested by local ABE staff in Minnesota; and
    • Use the promo code in their account when scheduling and paying for tests.

    If a tester does not pass or does not show up for testing, they will not receive the subsidy for the retake tests; they will have to pay the standard retake test price.

    Once the subsidy expires or runs out, there will be no state subsidy left and testers will have to pay the full testing fee ($30/first test in each subject or $120 per complete battery). We cannot predict exactly when this subsidy will run out and when it does, the subsidy will automatically shut off through GED.com’s system. 

    If you have questions about the current Minnesota discount, contact Metro North ABE.



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